The development and progress of any society mainly relies on young men and women. They play an effective role in building its future. They embody its hope to thrive and prosper. At the same time, if young people do not receive enough care and attention, and if their enthusiasm is wasted or directed in a wrong way, they will turn into a danger that threatens the stability and safety of their homeland. They will become a burden rather than a constructive factor in their society. Paying attention to young people requires providing complete academic programs for them in which they can develop their abilities. Having a job is considered a contribution to the development of society as well as a legitimate right for every man and woman. Securing a job is an obsession for every family whose son or daughter has graduated from a university. This program aspires to help these parties to achieve this aim.

E4E: Mission, Aims, Target Group.


To create qualified young Saudis who are equipped with high skills and advanced knowledge necessary to attain a thriving future career for themselves and to actively participate in the development process of their community and country.


• Refining and building the capabilities of young people in order to effectively contribute to the development of themselves and their community.
• Creating effective and positive change in the lives of young men and women who are in need of a job.
• Raising the level of vocational training so as to fulfill the requirements of the labor market.
• Using the creative human resources effectively.

Target Group

The target group of the program is the young unemployed graduates of Saudi colleges and universities who hold a bachelor degree.

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